I got fed up with the same old, same old gear on every website. So, I thought, “Why not spice things up?” The gear in my store must satisfy two objectives:

  1. The products must sizzle! Which means, they’ve got to be hot, unique, and as rare as a cat who actually likes belly rubs.
  2. Gear with a purpose – our products exude conservatism, because conservative is the new sexy.

Mission accomplished!

Our products don’t just sit there; they literally tell a story. We support President Trump, law enforcement, and the REAL America. Let our gear do the talking for you; loud and proud.




We stand behind the blue. Our law enforcement merchandise pays homage to the dedicated men and women risking their lives to safeguard the public. When you buy our exclusive and custom products, you express your appreciation for America’s protectors.


Because you can’t get enough of the 45th President, we created an entire product line dedicated to his legendary self. From artsy stuff to shirts, glassware, and more – we’ve got President Trump’s iconic mugshot plastered on everything. But wait, there’s more! Around his face, we’ve crafted a word cloud that’s basically a Trump-themed brainstorm of everything he stands for. The Trump Mugshot Tribute Collection doesn’t just speak a thousand words; it shouts out a whole Trumpian speech. These products can be your way of telling everyone around you, “I’m MAGA. Deal with it!”


Tell the world what you think! Our dangerous line will leave no doubt about how you feel at Thanksgiving dinner. Supporting the police, defending your rights, or anything else we that needs to be said, we’ll have it here.


The Kevin Jackson Network is the face of Kevin Jackson. Kevin is an award-winning radio show host, a TV show host, a motivational speaker, a critically acclaimed, award-winning filmmaker, a three-time best-selling author, and stand-up comedian, and his dynamic personality comes through on his products.