Send A Prayer Dog Tag To A Cop


  • Pay $5 and we’ll send 1 prayer dog tag to 1 officer.
  • Pay $10 and we’ll send 2 dog tags to 2 officers.
  • Pay $15 and we’ll send 3 dog tags to 3 officers.

Each stainless steel dog tag is engraved with the OFFICERS PRAYER and includes a stainless steel necklace chain that can be trimmed for the rearview mirror, boot laces, keychain, etc.  Each prayer dog tag will be shipped to a deserving officer in a high-risk area. Our team will automatically select an officer for you (on your behalf). Thanks for sending a prayer gift to an officer!  Note: if you wish to personally send 1 dog tag to 1 specific officer please enter their address as the shipping address. Consider ordering the “10 Pack of Prayer Dog Tags” product and send the 10 tags to your address, then personally distribute them to officers.

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Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 7.5 × 5 × .25 in