White Forgiveness Card


Are you concerned about your white guilt? Well, STOP! Kevin Jackson had absolved you, and you can get The White Forgiveness Card from Kevin- an actual black man– to remind you that you don’t have to experience white guilt anymore. Experience the freedom that comes with a free conscience by getting The White Forgiveness Card today!

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Should you feel guilty about being white? Take the guesswork out of white guilt today, with this "Get Out Of Guilt Free" pass, the WHITE GUILT FORGIVENESS CARD. This sturdy plastic business card has rounded corners and causes fits of laughter!
Plus it's signed by Kevin Jackson: A certified U.S. Black Man, verified by U.S Ethnicity Weights and Measures, and authenticated by his TWO black parents. With this card Kevin extends his guilt-free blackness by proxy to white people. It officially absolves white people of all past, present, and future guilt regarding treatment of Blacks. Stop enduring the concepts of "institutional racism".  Start using the term "black" again when describing the night sky, printer ink, etc. It's all possible with THE WHITE FORGIVENESS CARD.
Real Testimonials:
1)"I was no longer intimidated when the tire salesman asked if I wanted 'whitewalls'. Thank you Kevin Jackson!"
2) "I went to my coffee shop, proudly showed them my new card, and demanded a 'white mocha'! Thanks Kevin Jackson... you're a SAINT!"
3) "I finally bought that 'black cat' I've had my eye on for months. I flashed my smile and card to the animal shelter owner. It worked like a charm!"

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